Airborne surveys

Our activity focused on high-resolution airborne geophysics with different detailing in the any stages of exploration projects.

Airborne gamma-ray spectrometer surveying

Airborne gamma-ray spectrometer surveying (AGS) studies areamean content of natural radioactive elements — uranium (radium), thorium and potassium in the near surface layer of rocks and soil. Interpretation of AGS data is based on the law of distribution of radioactive elements in earth material and ore fields. The maps of uranium, thorium and potassium content as well as their various transformations (function of contents) allow to solve the following tasks:

  • to determine the elements of geological framework of the explored acreage;
  • to search for radioactive raw materials deposits;
  • to study the quality and intensity of superimposed processes (metasomatosis) and search for hydrothermal type deposits;
  • to study prospective oil and gas bearing territories;
  • to perform environmental and engineering remote monitoring.
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Airborne gravity survey

Airborne gravity data, currently, is in a great demand for evaluation of oil and gas perspectives of project areas. The airborne gravity survey is a mandatory part of the initial exploration stage. This innovative method is especially helpful in territories with a strong probability of major oil and gas field discoveries, but available geological-geophysical information is insufficient for managerial or investment decisions

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Aerogeophysica has unique technologies for high resolution magnetometer survey on different scales, as well as data processing and interpretation means. Airborne magnetics, combined with another methods (gravity, EM, spectrometry) can be apply for the wide range of exploration tasks:

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Airborne low frequency domain electromagnetic system

This system is dedicated to geological mapping and evaluation of project territories ore mineral prospect.

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Airborne time-domain EM system

As of today, airborne time-domain EM surveying is the most effective method of ore exploration at the stage of a detailed survey (scale from 1:25000 to 1:5000).

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Thermal infra-red

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