Data processing and interpretation

The fundamental difference of GNPP “Aerogeophysica” from other service companies, which offer to perform airborne geophysical surveys, is the performance of “turnkey” work, including complete geophysical interpretation of the results. Our specialists have developed original technologies and algorithms for interpreting geological-geophysical data, aimed at solving the widest range of prognostic-research tasks.

The specialists of the company perform integrated geological-geophysical interpretation of airborne geophysical, airborne cosmogeological, geochemical and geological data.

  • Clarification of deep structure of a territory accompanied by drawing a map of a basement structural and compositional complex and tectonic maps.

Comparison of the resulting geological map of structural and 
compositional complexes of Pre-Cambrian metamorphic basement (on the right)
with the results of the predecessors (on the left)

  • Prediction of diamond-bearing rock. As a result of comprehensive analysis, magnetic anomalies are displayed, their ranging is done, a catalog of prospect anomalies, whose coordinates are shown on a structural and tectonic scheme, is made.
  • Drawing of a forcast-metallogenic map for solid minerals. At the same time, we mark ore prospective areas, clusters, features and give recommendations about the direction of geological-exploration works and their prioritizing.
Faults evidence in geophysical fields.
Manifestation of gabbroid mass inner structure in magnetic field.
  • Morphology study of sedimentary sheath structure and discovery of forecast-exploration geophysical criteria of location of oil and gas bearing geological structures of different classes. As a result, we produce a proper scale location scheme for potentially prospective oil and gas bearing structures.
Fold and thrust systems of the North-East of Russia 
drawn on the map of petrophysical classification based on 
the results of airborne geophysical data interpretation.
An example of a geophysical model of effective magnetic susceptibility (above)
spacing and depth geological section (below).
Location of hydrocarbon deposits and local positive structures
of sedimentary sheath according to seismic prospecting data 
on the map of residual gravity field anomalies.
3D model of the Caspian oil field (dimensional density distribution)

“Aerogeophysica” company has a wide range of state-of-the-art systems of geological-geophysical data processing and interpreting. Some of the systems have been developed by the company, other systems are from the industry leaders (Geosoft, ESRI etc.). The following interpretation methods can be used when solving geological tasks:

  • estimation of depth of occurrence of upper edges and underedges of anomalous objects based on singular points localization methods;
  • construction of dimensional models of effective properties distribution;
  • 3D modeling;
  • algorithms of territory classification by a set of characteristics, which operate in both automatic and interactive mode;
  • methods of local quantitative interpretation aimed at discovery and estimation of parameters of isolated geological features;
  • methods of probability statistical analysis aimed at discovery of indirect criteria and evidence of localization of ore bodies;
  • various filtering of source fields and geophysical models.

Reprocessing and new interpretation of the previously received geophysical data is also possible. If it is necessary, gathering, analysis and estimation of archive geological-geophysical data can be performed.

A model of dimensional distribution of kimberlite pipe effective magnetism.
Modeling of a prospective anomaly with the help of a polygonal prism.