About AGP

GNPP Aerogeophysica

GNPP “Aerogeophysica” is the leading Russian company and one of the world leaders in the area of providing airborne geophysical services.

Every year GNPP “Aerogeophysica” carries out up to 400 000 linear km of high resolution airborne geophysical surveys of various scales.

The company possesses a large arsenal of the most modern airborne geophysical equipment:

  • Airplane and helicopter electric exploration systems of various modifications;
  • Gravity meter systems which are based on the airborne gravimeters GT-2A;
  • Optically pumped magnetometer-gradiometers;
  • Equipment to perform IR-thermal, aerosol and gas airborne surveying;
  • Satellite navigation systems.

The company’s team is a team of professionals with 40 years of traditions and experience. They have been developing, implementing and carrying out virtually all types of airborne surveys resulting in the discovery of gold, diamonds, bauxite and other mineral deposits on the territory of the former Soviet Union.

The company specialists have performed great amount of work on mapping and estimating nuclear contamination on the territories of Belorussia, Moldavia, Russian and the Ukraine, which suffered from Chernobyl Nuclear Plant disaster. A special merit of the company is the introduction of airborne gravimetry into airborne geophysical exploration.

Nowadays the company possesses a unique experience of conducting middle-scale airborne gravity magnetic survey, as well as unique technology for processing and interpreting the received data in order to perform a wide range of geological exploration tasks.

The cutting-edge technology, highly qualified personnel, consistency and continuity of business operations, many years of experience guarantee reliability and high quality of the work performed by GNPP “Aerogeophysica”.

GNPP “Aerogeophysica” is capable to perform high precision airborne geophysical surveying, including:

  • airborne gravimetry;
  • airborne magnetic surveying (gradiometry);
  • airborne electric exploration of various modifications;
  • airborne gamma spectrometry;
  • airborne spectrozonal surveying.

The company can also combine the above mentioned technologies on all continents, in totally different climatic and geomorphological conditions.


GNPP “Aerogeophysica” cooperates with the leading Russian and foreign companies

  • Fugro Airborne Surveys, Toronto, Canada
  • Fugro SA, Johannesburg
  • Moscow State University
  • Gravimetric Technologies Ltd., Moscow
  • VSEGEI, St. Petersburg
  • VNII-Geophysica, Moscow
  • Moscow Geology Exploration University, Moscow
  • Geology-Geophysical Company, Moscow

Mission statement

We are striving to be the leading company that provides aerogeophysical services, satisfies demands of our customers in the best possible way by presenting a wide range of aerogeophysical services at all stages of geological survey.

Quality policy

Our main goal is:

  • to constantly improve the quality of services we provide to our Customers as well as the quality of cooperation with our Partners, to keep it on the level which allows GNPP “Aerogeophysica” to maintain and solidify its leading position in the Russian market, and also be active in foreign markets.

Our primary tasks to help us achieve our goal are:

  • to satisfy Customer’s demands when performing our complete range of aerogeophysical services, and also to be prepared to modernize our technologies in order to comply with and anticipate Customer’s requirements;
  • to constantly upgrade our equipment and software as well as data processing, with the aim to increase the quality, modernize and develop new versions and new products;
  • to use technical innovations and cutting-edge technology to develop hardware and software systems, which will increase efficiency and improve quality;
  • to constantly study the requirements of our current and potential Customers, to improve the quality of our services based on the information received from the study and to comply with the industry standards and with international standards;
  • to pay maximum attention to our processes and technology which define the main qualitative characteristics of our end product;
  • to improve quality control methods at every stage including processing the data;
  • to constantly develop professional skills and raise knowledge level of our personnel;
  • to raise awareness of every employee in regards to his/her responsibility for quality and improvement of their practices;
  • to provide constant improvement of employee well-being and increase of employee satisfaction, to support their efforts aimed at producing high quality end product.

How we achieve our goals:

  • we apply individual approach to every Customer;
  • we clearly assign responsibilities for quality at all management levels;
  • all our employees observe deadlines and perform quality work;
  • we improve our end product, processes and methods or work: incessant development is the basis of our success;
  • we prevent probable incompliances: we must be absolutely sure that the methods and technology we use will allow us to meet the Customer’s requirements towards our end product;
  • we see our personnel as a source of ideas and task performers: we realize their full potential through efficient systems of training and motivation;
  • we build our relationships with partners on a mutually profitable and long-term basis;
  • we agree our actions with our partners with the aim to bring satisfaction to our Customers;
  • we care about our employees proper standard of living.

The main tool to increase the end product quality is to improve efficiency of Quality Management System (QMS), which must comply with the national and international standards. To achieve the goal, it is important for the employees to follow the principles described above, it is also important for GNPP “Aerogeophysica” management to take responsibility for making sure that this Policy is implemented, all necessary resources are available and constant improvement and enhanced efficiency of QMS is provided for.