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Airborne gravimeter GT-2A

Airborne gravimeter GT-2A. This gravimeter system has been developed by the Russian company “Gravimetric Technology” and is designed to measure force of gravity inflight onboard a plane (a helicopter). The main element of the system is a gravimetric sensor mounted on a platform of a three-axis vertical gyro. The proofmass of the sensor is a flat double-wound coil installed in the gap of a differential-magnetic system, which consists of four thermally compensated magnets.

This airborne gravimeter is presently one of the best in the world. It is actively used by the leading foreign companies to perform airborne gravity surveys.

The main technical features:

  • gravity force measurement range is from 976 to 984 Gal;
  • mean-square measurement error of gravity acceleration for an aircraft at rest is no more than 0.1×10‾5 m/s²;
  • response time of the sensitive element is 0.01 sec;
  • dynamic measurement range is 400 Gal.
  • measurement frequency is 16 Hz;
  • vibro-acceleration tolerances on frequencies of 5-100 Hz are 100 Gal;
  • changes in ambient temperature are from + 5 to + 35 °С;
  • flights in the latitude range from 75° S to 75° N;
  • the time it takes to transition from a switch-off mode to an operating mode is 48 hours;
  • power consumption is 150 watt.
  • the main unit dimensions are 600 x 600 x 750 mm;
  • net weight of the system is no more than 140 kg.
Airborne gravimeter GT-2A