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Onboard complex “AeroLoodsman”

The onboard complex “AeroLoodsman” consists of the following programs for processing and recording data supplied by corresponding devices:

  1. BortGPS — onboard GPS-streaming.
  2. BortTep — onboard thermal imager.
  3. BortMag — onboard magnetometer.
  4. BortSpec — onboard spectrometer.
  5. BortGrav — onboard gravimeter.
  6. BortElec — onboard electric exploration.
  7. BortDriver — onboard driver.

Each of these programs (except for the onboard driver) is capable of operating on its own, receiviing, registering and visualizing data from the corresponding device. In addition to this, any combination of these programs can be used depending on the type of airborne surveying.


All the programs of the complex are based on a unifying vision. The priority task of each program is to register the incoming data at the highest speed to minimize the time for mal-synchronization due to data registering from different devices.

During operation the programs of the complex exchange data with the hardware as well as with themselves.