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Thermal imager (infrared scanner) IKAR-002

Thermal imager (infrared scanner) IKAR-002 is used to scan and register the Earth’s radiant heat flux from the board of an aircraft.

Features of the system:

  • thermal-imaging signal reception within the spectral range of 8-14 micron with high geometric resolution of 2500 pixels per line of the scanned image with the scanning speed of 230 lines per second;
  • complete vision angle is 120°;
  • momentary viewing angle is 0.7 milliradian;
  • scanning system type is Kennedy;
  • temperature sensitivity in the spectral range of 8-14 micron is 0.04° (with background temperature of 20°С);
  • registering data from navigational satellite systems (GPS+GLONASS), values of angles of yaw, banking angles, pitching and flight altitude; inertial system of geometric correction for the perturbations caused by aircraft deviations;
  • continuous running time is 12 hours;
  • autonomous operation time of the filler cooling system is 4 hours;
  • operating-temperature range is -10°С – +35°С.

Small dimensions (500х300х300 mm), weight (20 kg) and power consumption (200 watt) allows to mount the thermal imager even onto ultralight aircraft, the thermal imager can be mounted either inside or outside an airborne vehicle (with the use of an outboard fixing mounting base).

Thermal imager (infrared scanner) IKAR-002.