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Vibrating-string airborne gravimeter “Graviton-M”

Vibrating-string airborne gravimeter “Graviton-M”. The measurement module of “Graviton-M” consists of three string gravimeters placed into special adjustable mounting pads and gravimeter control units. The string gravimeter with hydraulic mass damping has been developed specifically for airborne gravity surveys. The gravimeters are lightweight, highly vibration-proof, have almost no cross-coupling, have a wide measurement range and a convenient system of digital data recording.

Main features:

  • instrumentation error: <0.1 mGal;
  • drift: <2 mGar per day;
  • response time: 2-3 sec;
  • operating measurement range ±100 Gal;
  • the time it takes to transition to thermal operating mode from:
    • switch-on after a short break: 2 hours;
  • dimensions (height, diameter): 25 cm, 10 cm;
  • weight: 2 kg.

Gravimeter mounting pads allow to make an adjustment of their sensitive axes with an error of 10 seconds of angle without dismounting the measurement module.

Relatively small dimensions, weight and power consumption (D1000х1100 mm, 120 kg>, 140 watt) allow to use the airborne gravimeter “Graviton-M” both on planes and helicopters.

The airborne gravimeter “Graviton-M” can be used to perform airborne gravity surveys in any latitudes, including polar latitudes.

Airborne gravimeter “Graviton-M”.